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Staudinger Charity Gala 2002

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  Flight Edition Juni 2002  

Olympia winners, World Champion winners, World Champions and Actors at the Golf trophy
20.000 € for Charity at the Gala-Night in the Saalbach Suitehotel "Interstar"

With a fantastic Charity-Gala the re-built and under the management of the LTH-Resorts operating, the Hotel Interstar was opened. Two German television teams came along with Olympia winners and World Champions, famous stars from culture, politics, industry and commerce to watch the Charity Trophy on the Kitzsteinhorn Golf Course.

"Point landing" was the motto for the boss of the Salzburger airport, Ing. Roland Hermann, on the golf course in Zell am See: not with an airoplane, but as a golfer he placed the ball nearest to the flag and won the "Nearest to the Pin" competition. The brut guest score was won by the famous actor Arthur Brauss, at the moment the „good“ policeman to be seen on German ARD. The World Champion and Olympia winner Fritz Fischer, had to be contended with the second place. Only beaten by Alfons Sommerer, Saalbach, who won the 1. prize and received a hand-cut marble chess board worth 500,- €.

Producer Otto Retzer in service of the Children Initiative Brothers Staudinger, who are on the board of LTH-Resorts and have contol, invited to a large Charity Event in the hotel with the most beautiful rooms in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, the Suitehotel "Interstar". The "Caretaker" from the TV series „Ein Schloß am Wörthersee“ and succesful producer of „Klinik unter Palmen“, Otto Retzer, arrived a little late.He had problems with water damage in his Carithia home. At the latest by the American auction he was fully awake, and so he obtained a flight to London. Host Manfred Staudinger led the auction to obtain lots of support for the Staudinger-Children-Initiative. At the end the proceeds reached 20.000,- €.

Bid for „tea-time“ with Franz Beckenbauer.

For a good cause the Mediamarkt firm founder, Leo Stiefel, was particularly enthuisiastic and finally received a game of golf with „Kaiser“ Franz Beckenbauer for his wife, Marion. The self-made-Euro-Milliardär came specially from Ingolstadt to congratulate the Staudinger brothers to their newest hotel. Although he is known for his good throws, the javelin Olympia winner Klaus Wolfermann (Munich 1972) obtained nothing at the american auction.

The vice-president of the Austria Salzburg football club, Hans Gegenhuber talked enthuisiastically with the German National League Trainer Lorenz-Günther Köstner about the Football -WManfred The highlight of the Gala was the Italian Pop Tenor Piero Mazzochetti, who was enthuisiastically received, especially by the ladies. So many famous people attracted the large German TV stations who, together with a number of German daily newspapers, brought free advertising for the region at the best sending times.
Also present was Roland Schindzilorz, the manager of the Munich radio station, Arabella, who beamed with pride as his son, Patrick, won the young generation class. Andreas Krickl, also a member of the venerable royal Wittelsbacher Golf Club in Neuburg a.d. Donau, as also the host, Manfred Staudinger, was the happy winner of the putting competition and won a flight and holiday to the famous Scottish golf centre St Andrews.

ISeen together at the golf tounament in one „flight“ the „red“ Austrian National Assembly member Emmerich Schwemlein and the Mediamarkt-founder and „black“ City Counsellor of Ingolstadt Leo Stiefel.

Dr. Erwin Prodinger, leading Commerce Proofer in Salzburg and, as an extra „job“ President of the "Leading Golf Course of Austria", Zell am See, was impressed: rain on the course for the golf tournament and none of the players came anywhere near their handicap. No-one? One person started without competition: Thomas Freimuth, Professional in the Munich noble club Eichenried, set his good reputation and won. As the only one he played a low 70 round (75). A Maserati Spider for a "hole in one"? The Ruf-Au tombile, known as the Porsche-Tuning-Schmiede, should have put an Italian noble sports car at their disposal, but at the final test drive before it was delivered to the golf club there was a collision with damages, leaving the Staudinger brothers to re-think, and so for a Birdie on the Par-3-hole the prize was a journey around the world. Not enough, Birdies und Pars were rewarded. Hans Georg Neumaier, President of the GC Olching and Presidentof the Munich Golfkreisels were very pleased to receive a week in a luxury appartment in Spanish Marbella, as also the singer Jaqueline Nemorin.

Ernst Hannawald, at one time Germany’s hopeful actor, now re-qualified as a bank crack, had a succesful report at the ready at the Gala Night: his book "Das Leben ist kein Film" (Life is no film) has just gone into the second editon. Personally he is openly planning his wedding with „his“ Marie Rudolph.

Motto of the Gala Evening came from Manfred Staudinger: "Drink a lot – for a good cause!“ The 100 % proceeds from the sale of wine and champaign went to the Charity Fund. "At last, a good excuse to drink....", said Saalbach’ World Cup Organizing Committee boss Peter Gumpold to Viehhofen’s village mayor Hans Streitberger.

Noted by their absence, although invited, were the heads of the local council were, amongst others, the village mayor of Saalbach, Peter Mitterer, and representatives from the Saalbach Tourist Board, with their managing director Wolfgang Breitfuß, who could be happy about the Gala: with the good contacts and experience of the hotels in the Staudinger Group one of the TV teams decided to present and send a Winter portait for the second time, and also a Summer report over the Glemm valley in a number of German-wide TV productions.

  Guide Gourment September/October 2002 edition   

LTH-Resorts Charity Gala

Environmental conservation, under the motto: „Protect the resources of tomorrow“, and the „Children.Initiative Tourism“ is written on the flags of the holiday domicile LTH-Resorts. This time the Saalbach Suite-hotel Interstar are organising a Charity Gala.

For the selected guests there was a culinary journey through the international destinations of the Europa-wide operating group: starters from Antalya, Turkey, a Spanish paella on lobster for the main course representing the mondain holiday resort Marbella and for mid-European flair Swiss cheese was presented after the Salzburg speciality „Topfennockerl“ on a fruit sauce. The wine-grower Karl-Heinz Schnabel put hundreds of bottles of wine of his „gold medal winner“ at the organiser’s disposal, a „Neuburger“, year 2000, and every consumed bottle sponsored the charity pot. Otto Retzer, producer of the TV series „Klinik unter Palmen“ and the actor Ernst Hannawald feasted on this noble wine. The LTH-Resorts support a student every year, who should study environmental technology in tourism in Germany. This involvment is supported by the actor Arthur Brauss, as well as the Olympia winner Klaus Wolfermann, javelin 1972, biathlet Fritz Fischer and the football national league represented by Jürgen and Stefan Täuber (Schalke &. Nürnberg) and Lorenz-Günther Köstner (1.FC Köln). Very active is also the founder and head of Mediamarkt Leo Stiefel , he bid and won a round of golf with „Kaiser“ Franz Beckenbauer .for his wife, Marion. The evening was crowned by the appearance of the Italian pop-tenor Piero Mazzochetti, well-known by his hit „L`Eternita“ from the boxing attraction Axel Schulz against Klitschko.

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