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Sportpress Ball 2003 in Frankfurt am Main

 Freizeit Revue Edition 48 / 19. November 2003     

Birthday kiss from his new love


Manfred Staudinger, HIS-Jeans Boss Günther Sommer and Hotel-Boss Jörg Böckler (Intercontinental Frankfurt)

Promised is promised. The „Emperor“ came to the Sport Press Ball as arranged, even though a new baby had just arrived (Beckenbauer daughter Francesca was born earlier than expected).Only with a heavy heart could Franz tear himself away from his sweet princess at home in Kitzbühel, as the proud father recounted on the red carpet of the Frankfurter Opera.The guests snatched away the tombola tickets and Beckenbauer was very pleased with the 75 000 Euro for his foundation for People in Need. With his football chum Rudi Völler, who, together with boxing champion Sven Ottke was elected „Sportsman with a heart", the football legend sat later in the "Davidoff Legend Lounge", which was newly opened by the Munich hotelier multis Staudinger and their Event-Agency "Intermedia". Here one also met the ex-profi boxer Axel Schulz with a thick Davidoff. At midnight then came a sweet surprise: a huge cake and hot kisses for his 35. birthday from Captain-Jack Singer Jilli Love, who was laughing without end at Axel’s side. A new love? Is the young happiness with vet-student Diana Dean from the Ivory Coast already k.o.?

Next question: Where is the skiing eagle Sven Hannawald? He was stuck in the training camp in St. Moritz fest, because a snow storm didn’t allow the chartered Learjet to land. What a pity, 2800 guests wanted to celebrate his 29. birthday with "Hanni"!

 Bunte Edition 47 / 13. November 2003     

Kaiser Franz visited Sir Cliff Richard

Starguest: Franz Beckenbauer
Highlight: Cliff Richard’s greatest its

Nick Heidfeld and Axel Schulz would like to have celebrated with "Hanni"

The emperor came alone and was immediately the rooster amongst the chickens. In the middle of a group of ladies between ex-Bro'Sis singer Indira and ex-gymnastic star Magdalena Brzeska, Franz Beckenbauer felt really good. Where was his partner Heidi Burmester who, three weeks ago gave birth to their daughter Francesca Antonie? "It is too early after the birth . I didn’t want to separate mother and daughter so soon."

The celebration mood, however, was not taken away from the Bavarian President at the Sports Press Ball amongst 3000 festival guests in the old Frankfurt Opera. Also not from the crisis of his Bavarian team in the Champions League. Beckenbauer: "I’m always ready to celebrate. We can’t play so badly that I would have to cancel a ball. To the contrary,as opposed to our game this is at least a round!"

So also Minister of the Interior Otto Schily, Minister President Roland Koch, Patrick Lindner & Nick Heidfeld. Only the newly awarded "Sports star with heart " Sven Hannawald was missing: snowed in at St. Moritz he had to celebrate his 29. birthday alone.

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