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Star ice-hockey tournament in Munich

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  Münchner Abendzeitung Edition 2. March 2004     

Stars fight on ice for a good cause

Hockey fun for the Staudingers help project: 500 Euro per goal

Pining, craving, longing! The ladies’ hearts must have beated at turbo speed in the Olympia Ice Stadium. Then amongst the famous who played for the Loreus Benefit Ice-Hockey Event on Sunday for needy children from war or crisis areas holding the hockey stick was no less that - hurrah! – super star Alexander Klaws! Surrounded by hormone-shaking girls (and the sexy Playmates Pamela and Melanie) the handsome young man with the soft-soap voice threw his best permanent smile into the happening, played from his band the team chef and loudly supported his team. Manager Manfred Staudinger donated 500 Euro per goal (it ended 5:5). Not particularly sexy in her white hockey dress with helmet, Giulia Siegel presented herself rather ragidly. And took the compliments fron the broad-shouldered colleague Axel Schulz with a suitable laughung fit. Generally the event stimulated the laughing muscles of the prominant players – at the end they threw themselves with exuberance onto the singer Haddaway as in American Football.

Also at the start were: ice-princess Anette Dytrt, moderator Ralf Exd, the actor Charles Manfred Huber (he went, thickly padded as goalkeeper into the game) and Jens Nünemann, producer Otto Retzer, moderator Jan Stecker, TV-laywer Ingo Lenßen and ex-ice-skating star Manfred Schnelldorfer.

  Münchner TZ Edition2. March 2004     

Stars at the puck for children in need

Manfred Staudinger sent his friends on the ice for his 40. birthday

The ice-hockey fans who came for the EHC Munich against Mittelrhein Neuwied on Sunday were surprised who had collected in the Olympia Ice Stadium: under helmets long hair showed forth. Stadium speaker Stefan Schneider: "That is Giulia Siegel, Annette Dytrt, present German Ice-Skating Champion, and Christine Reindl, who plays in the ladies ice-hockey national league."

Manfred Staudinger, business boss and sponsor of EHC München, before the official game sent prominent friends onto the ice to celebrate his 40. birthday. As fun for his birthday and to benefit the Laureus Youth Sport Camp for needy children for countries at war and crisis areas.hundreds of friends were invited and, instead of presents there were donations. Staudinger himself contributed 500 Euro for every goal. "It’s an effort just to put on this stuff“ groaned actor Charles Manfred Huber in the cabin, but looked good on the ice."When one grew up in lower Bavaria, one had to play ice-hockey „. Differently to ex-boxing star Axel Schulz : "For me the most important part is the helmet because I can’t run.“ The ex-ice-skating World Champion Manfred Schnelldorfer already played ice-hockey at the age of 14: "Then I was 3-time German Champion in figure skating." He took his original skates from the cupboard. Super-star Alex K . and producer Otto Retzer sent their teams in to the fight. Ten goals were scored. Which meant 5000 Euro for needy children. Fighting were: singer Haddaway, Marienhof star Michael Jäger, TV moderator Alex Onken, actor Ingo Lenßen und ex-tobogganing World Champion Markus Prock.


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