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Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

1. International Laureus Youth Sports Camp brings youths from four nations together in the first August week in Austria

· Sport-Camp united Israeli, Palastinen, North Irishand German

· Franz Klammer, Axel Schulz, Carlo Thränhardt and other sports stars take an active part

· Sport programme: mountainbiking, canoe-ing, hiking, beach volley-ball and football

· Business boss , Manfred Staudinger, invited to Saalbach-Hinterglemm

From 04. to 09. August  

Haddaway, Thomas Jäger, Franz Klammer, Lili Reisenbichler, Wolfgang H. Inhester, Manfred and Gerald Staudinger and Axel Schulz

2003 the Laureus Youth Sports Camp for 32 youths from four nations took place in Austrian Saalbach Hinterglemm, which was world wide unique.

With the 14–16-year-old boys and girls from Israel, Palastine, Northern Ireland and Germany these young people from life’s experience deep set contrasts, as in the Middle East and Ireland determined is, under sporting conditions to come together. A constelation, which for the teenagers and the people in charge, brought valuable experiences.

„„We want the youths to experience, that problems, oppositions and arguments in which historical and political reasons are hidden, can be won through experiences together, and for this there is no better medium that sport“ explained Wolfgang H. Inhester, the manager of Laureus.

Laureus had prepared a varied weeks programme for the participants. Mountainbike tours, canoe races, beach volley-ball and, of course, football was the most important of the activities. Time for conversation and exchanges were possible in the evenings, when all groups stayed in a camping area on the grounds of Hotel Interstar in Saalbach.

Famous sporting stars came to support this camp. Their active participation in the sports programme spoke for itself how important such a possibilty is to bring over the importance of sport.
As well as the Laureus Academy Members Franz Klammer (Alpine Ski Olympia-winner), Axel Schulz (Boxing Champion), Jürgen Täuber (1. FC Nürnberg, Schalke 04), Holger Hieronymus (Champions league-winner SV), Claudia und Manuela Riegler (snowboard-World class), Lili Reisenbichler (once DTM-winner and „fastest woman of the world“), Markus Ebner (snowboard world champion), Stefan Hilpert (fitness champion and body-building world champion), and Carlo Thränhardt (high jump world record) accompanied the sports programme of the youths
„The togetherness of this experience brings these young people to change their views. The concern of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is, through sport, to break the fronts of the past in their heads and their hearts and to gain a better, mutual future“, explained the Laureus Academy member Franz Klammer.

The Laureus Sport Camp is part of continuous work by the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation in three from altogether 21 world-wide projects. The young people, who were invited to Saalbach, already take part in a programme of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation in their home countries:

Haddaway with youths at the bonfirer

Under the titel „Training for Peace“ thes Perez for Peace Centre in the Middle East has, during the last 3 years, initiated sport events for youths form both conflicting sides. The centre of these events are the football matches played together and the training units, which, above all, school classes take part.

The Youth Sport Foyle Programme in Northern Ireland unites, through their belief conflicted separate parties over the infringing borders, the sports events. Since 2000around 1500 parents, teachers and project leaders and 12 new sports clubs have been founded.

The German participants in the Laureus Sport Camp take part in the „KICK“ programme in Berlin. The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, together with the KICK-Initiative of sport youth in Berlin, supports a high rope garden, and, together with the Ice Bears, Berlin an ice-skating project for dangerous youths or those having committed criminal offences. .

The Sport Camp in Saalbach was made possible through the very special engagement of the management consultants and hotelier brothers Staudinger (Staudinger-Group and, amongst other companies, the LTH-Resorts).

„Sport as a perspektive is, particularly in the present time, for young people the chance to develope oneself and through performance in a team together, to harvest success. We, as a succesful company, want to share our success, and we have decided to support the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which in its’ unique idea by the founder and academy members, to invite them“ , explained Manfred Staudinger, the chairman of the Staudinger Company Group: „It is our aim, in the next few year s, to establish the Laureus Youth Sportscamps as Europe’s largest and most unique event of this kind in the province of Salzburge.“

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